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Part of being connected to God and His church is committing to share your gifts and service with others.  At New Hope, we call that DOING A GOD-JOB.  Everyone who’s a committed follower of Jesus and hanging out at New Hope should have a God-job.

Not sure where to serve? 


Ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. What’s the greatest need?

  2. How could I help meet that need?


Some of the ways you could serve at New Hope RIGHT NOW:

  • The Hospitality Team: i.e. helping serve coffee and donuts in the coffee bar or in the tent on the sidewalk

  • The Children’s Ministry Team: i.e. assist in our KidZone (must be able to pass a background check)

  • The Card Team: i.e. make homemade cards and send handwritten notes as an outreach and to care for church and community members

  • The Maintenance Team: i.e. assist in building upkeep and maintenance

  • The Office Team: i.e. answer the phone, greet people who come into the office with kindness and love, be professional, assist with administrative duties (addiction recovery experience preferred) 

Fill out the volunteer interests form on the New Hope Church App


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