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Membership Class Coming Soon

For information on the date and time send email to

There are several opportunities for you to grow in your faith at New Hope Church

Connect with Josh Welhener at to connect in a One + One discipleship relationship, drop in at 6:30pm Tuesday night for a bible study at 536 Xenia Ave, or go to our church app and check out some of the growth groups, which you could connect.

In addition, New Hope believes that spiritual growth happens best when you are doing these six thing:

1. Pray and read your bible daily

2. Show up for church weekly

3. Getting a God job (serving in some capacity)

4. Walking in community with others

5. Tithing and living a lifestyle of generosity

6. Sharing your story with others

Youth Ministry Kick Off Event

Sunday, April 28th at 5:00pm

For families of teens ages 12 to 18

Do you have a passion to mentor or be mentored in your walk with Jesus?

Email Mike Raines at

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