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Dr. Sandra Todd, Psy.D., ABPP
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Todd has more than 20-years’ experience treating individuals and families. Dr. Todd earned her doctorate from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She is board certified in clinical psychology and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric psychology at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Todd retired from the US Air Force in 2015.
Approach to Care
As people go through life we sometimes encounter situations or problems that we have never faced before. Or maybe we try to make positive changes in our lives but find ourselves stuck in old habits.  
Twin Towers Mental Health Services is here to provide a safe place where individuals and families can get help with life’s challenges. We offer respectful, high quality psychological care in a non-judgmental atmosphere. You and your provider will work together to understand the issue you have been struggling with and to develop a plan for addressing it. Your provider will teach you effective strategies that are supported by scientific evidence and will help you apply them to your life. The goal of your care is to help you move along the path toward becoming the person you were made to be.
The psychological theory used at Twin Towers Mental Health Services is Cognitive Behavioral theory. Much of human thinking and behavior is learned. Helpful ways of thinking and acting can replace less helpful habits if we:

• Understand what triggers a behavior
• Change the results of an undesired behavior
• Experiment with more useful alternatives

Twin Towers Mental Health Services is a Christian private practice. However, people of all faith backgrounds, including no current faith commitment, are welcome. The strategies offered are consistent with biblical principles. We believe that God directs all healing. Prayer is an integral part of the care provided. We believe that mental health services can be one part of overall spiritual growth

People Served
• Residents of Twin Towers
• Attendees of New Hope Church or another Christian church in Twin Towers
• Referrals from East End Community Services
• Families of students of Ruskin School
• Referrals from Target Ministries Dayton

Services Offered
• Individual, couples, and family therapy for people from birth through adulthood 
• Brief therapy (16 or fewer sessions per 12-month period)
• Parent Consultation
• School Consultation
• Behavioral Intervention
• Conflict Resolution
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Social Skills Training
• Interventions to address
(this list is not exhaustive)
: behavior change, anxiety, depression, 
trauma, developmental disorders, 
communication, and relationship enhancement

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