SG Monday Jim Sandy


When        Monday
Times        6:30-8:00pm
Leaders     Jim Barrett (937-825-6422) &
                   Sandy Todd (937-581-8167) 
Where       in the Worship Center 
                   at (512 Xenia Ave.)

The Monday Night Small Group consists of a collection of individuals and families who are committed to sharing our lives with each other to deepen our relationships with God and one another. Activities vary from week to week but may include Bible study; large and small group prayer; serving one another, the church, and the Twin Towers neighborhood; and occasional potluck dinners. Weekly group size ranges from 8 to 15 people. The group consists of men and women of all ages and stages of life. Once committed to the group, members are expected to attend every week. If unable to attend, group members are expected to let another member of the group know. Children are welcome and parents maintain responsibility for their children during group time. There is no childcare. 
Feel free to come check us out. Newcomers are always welcome. Visit a few times to determine whether you would like to join us. We recommend that you contact Jim or Sandy before coming the first time to find out if there is a special activity or alternate location that week.

Jim Barrett & Sandy Todd

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